Sunday, 7 April 2013
Hi Everyone!This is my first blog ever, and to start things off, I thought i would do a review on the new Schwarzkopf hair care range!Now if your hair is like mine,Frizzy,dry, split ends and generally looks like a chimney sweep, then keep on reading!Its also for people that have other types of hair,but this is just so people that can relate so they have more understanding on how the product works.

So here's the front of the product,it comes in a lovely pink colorful bottle, and it actually looks quite appealing for a bottled product!
It states that you get immediate combability and shine, and its for brittle,dull hair.Sounds a bit like mine!It also has keratin liquid which is a complete bonus!Now as you know, you probably read these kind of things on other products and you buy it and it either works for you or it doesn't, considering that i've brought hair dyes from Schwarzkopf before, it really does leave that beautiful shine after, so as soon as i heard that they had there own hair care range,i just had to buy it!

 This is the back of the packaging, i am  sorry that its so small,   
    but ill point out the main features that it states:
    1. The new formula specifically targets and repairs damaged    
        areas on the surface and deep inside the hair surface and  
        deep inside the hair,
    2.The formula contains liquid elements of silk
    3. The proven results are perfect combability, smooths the 
        hairs surface for hair smooth as silk and silky suppleness and 
        breath taking shine

The second product that im combining with it is the Schwarzkopf Gliss Shine Tonic.This is also a leave in product and is for the dry and damaged hair group. This product states it gives brilliant shine and tangible suppleness and care (images below)

Here we have the before pictures of my hair.(there are currently no hair products at all in the hair)


 You can see both in these photos, my hair is ridiculously dry looking, but it also comes down to the heat that i used to apply to my hair, so its partly my fault too

I've now just put 20 sprays of gliss leave in conditioner onto my hair, and my god it smells absolutely beautiful!I really couldn't believe the lovely smell its giving off. I actually expected it to have that little hair dye kinda smell, but nope i was proven wrong!Its been 5 minutes and already there is noticeable shine, but don't worry i will be posting the after pictures as soon as i review the other product too!So far with this product, even though its only been about 15 minutes,i honestly do not see a problem with it. Its not making my hair stick together, no white patches in my hair :) so far so good! 

Right, now for the other product, once again this one smells nice and weirdly enough when i sprayed it into my hair it didn't do the whole "hard hairspray" feeling into my hair,it felt soft..i know weird way of explaining it haha, but anyway, i sprayed about 10 this time, just evenly over my hair, i didn't want to overdo it and immediately there was a softness through it.I left it to lay about it my hair for a further 5 minutes and it feels so soft and is shiny. Tested a comb through my hair to see if the product left my hair hard and it didn't!

So here are the results photos


So for only a hours use, its actually done quite well. I will definitely be continuing this product. There are currently no negatives for these products, but if i do find any in the future, i will be sure to let everyone know :). So thats that for this review, comments below if you have any questions, i will gladly answer them

Thanks for reading :)

Hey everyone,sorry i didn't get the chance to update everyone on these products.Its been just about over a month now since i wrote a review on this and im glad that i did!I stopped using this product after 3weeks as it made my hair a lot worse.My hair would get stuck together,breakage seemed to get worse and it would basicially leave my hair a lot more matted and frizzy.I would rate this product 4/10 as it holds the nice scent to the hair,makes it soft and shiny and lasts for the whole day which is good for my hair, but with the bad damaging side to it,it just ruined it for me.This product (in my opinion) is designed for fine, straight hair.



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